Stair Parts and Attic Stairs

A Stairway For Every Style

Craftsmen, Traditional, Modern and More

Main Street offers the most variety of stair parts from America's best manufacturers. Our experts can help you design the perfect stair to fit your style.


View our stair gallery below for style ideas or view the full catalogs of WM Coffman or Creative Stairs to see all options.

WM Coffman Stair Parts

Since 1874, we’ve been a leading manufacturer of hardwood and iron stair parts. Our premier products create stairs that are both functional and beautiful. We are proud to continue the legacy of delivering superior stair part solutions, unmatched customer service and unparalleled expertise to our customers.

Creative Stair Parts

Creative can help. Our beautiful collections of wood and iron will breathe life back into your stairway. Enjoy classic and contemporary design without sacrificing the quality that will stand the test of time. Why settle for ordinary design when you can get Creative?

Style Gallery - Let us know the style your looking for by giving us the S# on the picture. 

What's in Your Attic?

It may sound like an invasive question; however, knowing what you're going to store and how you're going to use your attic is important. That is why we offer attic stairs from the best manufacturers to fit any situation. Visit the sites below to pick the stair that's right for you.

Visit the Attic Stair Manufacturers Below to See all Options . . .

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