Main Street Lumber and Millwork The Home Builder's Choice
                      Main Street Lumber and Millwork                           The Home Builder's Choice                                                                    

Plywood, S4S Finish Lumber, Shelving and More . . .

Hardwood Plywood 

Oak Plywood 3/4, 1/4"

Birch Plywood 3/4, 1/2, 1/4"

Beaded Birch Plywood 1/4"

Maple Plywood 3/4, 1/4"

Knotty Alder 3/4, 1/4"

Mahogany 3/4", 1/4"


S4S Softwood and Hardwood Etc.

S4S Clear Pine 1x4,1x6,1x8,1x12

S4S Primed Pine 1x4,6,8,12"

S4S #2 Pine 1x4,6,8,12"

S4S Oak 1x4,6,8,12"

S4S Maple 1x4,6,8,12"

Knotty Alder 1x4,6,8,12"

S4S Poplar 1x4,6,8,12"

T&G Boards Ship Lap, V-Joint and Beaded 



MDF and Particle Board Shelving, Rips Etc.

Primed MDF 1x2,4,6,8,12,16"

Taped Edge Shelving 1x12,16,24"

Bull Nose PB Shelving 1x12,16"

MDF Sheets 4x8x1/4",1/2,3/4"

MDF Sheets 4x8x1/4"

Engineered Wood full Round

Rod and Shelf Brackets

Wood Pole Sockets




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