Wood Exterior Doors

It's almost impossible to show every option. Please give us an idea of the look or style you like from the pictures in the gallery below and we'll give you the best options and value for achieving that look. For reference please give us the WED# assigned to the picture.

Custom Built Wood Doors

We can take your door concept and our expertise to create a one of a kind masterpiece. We offer beautiful handcrafted hardwood doors built to exact specifications and taste. Choose from rich woods like Mahogany, White Oak, Cherry, Pecan, Alder, Pine and more. 


Bring Your Door Vision to Life!


Main Street Millwork can bring you or your customer's custom door vision to life in minutes with our exclusive free full color artistic rendering service. Our renderings come with complete details and estimated pricing for your dream door. If you see what you like, we will proceed to a detailed shop drawing for your final approval. Once approved, highly skilled craftsmen will build your door with exacting detail and quality.   

Popular Stock and Short Delivery Time Doors
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